Checkout was a once-monthly art market staged on the second weekend of the month from April to July 2010 at Central-Reservation. Checkout offered the chance to buy the work and wares of artists, designers, illustrators and makers from around the UK. Over 20 stallholders presented limited edition prints, artists books, zines, self published material and an array of one off artworks.













The last in the series and to mark the finale, an extra special edition, with a hand picked selection of artists, designers and illustrators offering up their work and wares, and also Live Zine Off where invited parties congregated around a central table, producing one-off zines throughout the day ready to distribute at 5pm. There will also be live music from the fabulous my two toms  and the return of incredible coffee and cakes.

We also hosted  the screen the world cup third place playoff at 7pm, with an extra special soundtrack: a 22 piece ensemble live at Central-Reservation – each musician designated a specific team player, sounding their instrument each time their player gains control of the ball. It was extraordinary. 




Checkout 2/4: May 09 2010

Checkout 1/4: April 11 2010

Further images on the Central-Reservation Facebook page here


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