Alongside its core programme, Central—Reservation has invited artist led and independent groups from across the UK to stage exhibitions and events in the space.


Saturday 19 July 2010, 7pm

The world cup third place playoff… with a live musical score

Organised by the wonderful Aaron Sewards of Stitch-Stich Records fame, we presented an extra special screening of the third place play off with an extra special soundtrack: a 22 piece ensemble live at Central—Reservation. Each musician was designated to a specific team player, sounding their instrument each time their player gains control of the ball. It’s going to be extraordinary and there will be drinks to celebrate.


Rhubaba Presents: BLOCKBUSTER at Central Reservation

3 & 4 July 2010

Preview 2 July 6 – 9pm


School + Open Studios
Preview 11 June, 7-11pm
Performance by Simon Davenport at 8pm
Continues 12 & 13 June, 12-5pm

(+ Checkout art market no.3 Saturday 12 June, 12-5pm)


Central—Reservation is delighted to have a number of artists from Norwich present School – a group exhibition with work by Simon Davenport, Robert Filby, Samuel Jeffery, Jonathan O’Dwyer, Jacques Rogers, Leigh Sneade and Robin Webb. School is the presentation of a group of artists, who have identified themselves with each other through certain shared ideologies be this geographically or through an osmosis of artistic concerns. This show collects and introduces the work of artists that have formed a close regional network and proximity to a new audience.

Open Studios

Alongside School, our very own four artists in residence, are opening up their studios to the public two thirds of the way into their 3 month residencies to present work in progress. This provides a point of reflection as they head towards a group exhibition opening 9 July. They are all recent graduates from BA courses in Bristol, Bath and Norwich. The opening coincides with neighbouring Jamaica Streets Open Studios. The residents are: Simon Buckley, Joe Evans, Rachael Fisher and Jack Williams.





SATURDAY 5 JUNE 2010   2pm – late

On June 5, starting at 2pm, Central—Reservation is hosting Children of the Reservation – an all day art and music extravaganza that brings together artist led groups from Birmingham, London and Bristol.

DAY EXCHANGE, from 2pm Free admission

Invited guest artists Mark Essen, An Endless Supply and the two Jonnys, host a series of events centred around the exchange of text, image and music.

In support of destroying what you support, by An Endless Supply

Setting up a photocopier and printing press, An Endless Supply invite you to bring along your most memorable piece of text, be it out of print publications, print editions or posters, which they will bootleg, compiling a library archive for public exchange.

Record Exchange and Celebration, by Mark Essen

Mark presents a record exchange stall accompanied by contemporary journals, books, fanzines and Artist edition t-shirts. You are invited to bring and exchange records, ephemera and paraphernalia. The record exchange acts as homage to the culture of independent record shops. It will function as an exchange through a process of bartering. In turn this will become a place for contemporary beatnik cohorts to spend time deciphering and attempting to define culture through informal discourse. It is the informal discourse that becomes a celebrated.


Courtyard BBQ | Performance downstairs| Live Music upstairs

And you will know us by the trail of morris men, 7pm FREE
We are sorry to say Morris Dancing has had to be cancelled! We are very sorry as were so very excited about it – but we feel the rest of the day more than makes up for it….

A mesmeric clash of a Morris dancing performance trail that starts at 7pm by the fountains in the city centre & makes its way through town to Central—Reservation for 7.30pm where it will take over the ground floor.

PING PONG BAR: the two Jonnys redesigned by guests (runs throughout the evening) FREE

Seeing their London based project space’s ping pong table and cocktail bar as a social framework to take on tour, the two Jonnys have commissioned artists to redesign the elements of this social hardware for the Jonnys to then manufacture on site at Central—Reservation. Thus enabling them to transport no pre-existing artwork to Bristol, nor requiring them to return anything to London. These collaborative artworks will have drinks and balls served on them throughout the evening, and provide a social framework for future Central-Reservation events.

LIVE MUSIC, 8pm £3 entry / £2 adv. from Here Shop, Bristol

The Grubby Mitts supported by Sleeping States, The Balky Mule, Woodtripper + Headfall DJs

As part of their mini UK tour and recent performances at Tate Britain, The Royal Standard and The Roxy, artist Andy Holden’s band The Grubby Mitts will perform live on the first floor, with support from Bristol based bands: Sleeping States, The Balky Mule & Woodtripper.



Saturday April 17 , 11 am – 11 pm

Hosted by Bristol Drawing Club, in collaboration with Kino Drawing Club


Window Drawing // Continuous Drawing Circle Portraits // The Drawing Archive Experience // Local Artist Drawing Demonstration Piece // Animation Screenings // VJ showcase of drawings

SIGN-UP WORKSHOPS (11am – 8pm)

‘Anatomy, an Exploration’ 11am-12.30pm / £5
‘Creative Bookbinding’ 11am-12.30pm / £3
‘Drawing the Line’ 12.30-2.30pm / £3
‘Caricature Workshop’ 12.30-2pm / £3
‘Cardboard Drawings’ 2-4pm / £3
‘Creative Journaling’ 2.30-4pm / £4
‘Binding Sketchbooks’ 4-6pm / £4
‘Drop-in Life Drawing’ 4.30-6.30pm / £4
‘Drawing with Light’ 7-8pm / £4

Click the following link to download the detailed version of the program:

or to sign up in advance email:

Concluded by DRAWN RECORDINGS presenting live visuals by LUMEN: projecting and mashing up drawings made by the public during the day, accompanied by tunes from MARKMAKER.

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