Rhubaba Presents: BLOCKBUSTER at Central Reservation

3 & 4 July 2010

Preview 2 July 6 – 9pm

An exhibition of video and sound works by 10 emerging artists brought together by Rhubaba, an artist led initiative from Edinburgh.

Expect blinking sculptures, a levitating man, burning hoops and paganistic subversions of ‘Quantum Leap’.

Rhubaba is a non-profit artist studio and curatorial project operating in Edinburgh. We currently provide 10 recent graduates with affordable studio space within a supportive and critical environment.

Our programme of exhibitions has included to date a show of new work by Milo Brennan (Bristol) in the studio’s project space; a film screening by video work by Mikko Gaestel (Berlin), Spoiler, a solo show of new work by Ed Atkins (London), Built Overnight, a group show for the Embassy Gallery Annuale programme in June and, in collaboration with the Duchy Gallery (Glasgow), Nothing New Under the Sun, a group show of new work by the five directors – Frances Stacey, Catherine Payton, Tom Nolan, Claire Davies and Rachel Adams.

Rhubaba’s aim is to provide a platform for emerging practices in contemporary art – both at the stage of production and presentation. With a DIY approach, we bring exciting artists into the city and also promote the work of the ten studio artists and directors.


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